Monday, 15 January 2018

Farewells and Best Wishes.

"Success begins with believing in yourself" , this has been my main theme throughout this year with my lovely bunch of kids. I am going to miss you guys so much and I am so thankful to each one of you. You have all brought me laughter, tears, challenges sometimes but most of all happiness. I am so proud of all your achievements this year, even though we won't be together as a class, hold on to all the special memories we had together and keep on shining like that awesome superstar that you are. Thank you Room 24 of 2017. Good luck with your learning journey ahead of you and always do your best. Love from Angilene Prasad.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Welcome to Term 4.



We welcomed Term 4 by celebrating Diwali (the Hindu festival of lights). Room 24 enjoyed reading a book about Diwali, made Rangoli art and also made a Indian milk sweet.
Yummy! says Timothy.

Creatures Great and Small.

We had so much fun this term, learning about Creatures Great and Small. Room 24 chose their own animals of interest to research on. They came up with their questions and found information through the books in the library, internet and from others. Tino Pai Rm 24  biologist, I enjoyed reading your charts and information books.

Maori Language Week.

Peiyao and his beautiful mum in front of our door display for the Maori Language Week.

Congratulations Rm 24 for being one of the winners for the door display competition. Our Art was based on our Maori Super hero: Maui. Ka Pai! 

Monday, 30 October 2017

Room 24's Camouflage Art.

Room 24 was very busy this term doing their Camouflage art for the art exhibition. Let's see if you can spot the skink?

Monday, 24 July 2017

Inventors Day Celebrations !

To celebrate our learning about Inventions, we had Inventor's day where kids dressed up as inventors and their whanau came along to see all their cool inventions. Room 24 made boats, planes, cars and telephones. We have had so much fun with making all our cool inventions and we would like to thank our lovely whanau for their support.
                                          Paper Telephones


Thank you whanau for joining us with our celebrations. We love you!

Matariki Celebrations!

Towards the end of June, Room 24 celebrated Matariki ( The Maori New Year). We learnt a new Maori waiata and dance about Matariki. We also made kites and had such a fun time flying them.
Happy Matariki everyone!